A Quantgene genetic testing lab.

A Quantgene genetic testing lab.

Santa Monica-based Quantgene Inc., which is developing a genetic testing technology that can detect cancer through a blood sample, has formed a partnership with San Diego-based cancer therapy guidance company CureMatch Inc. to improve treatments for cancer.

The partnership announced March 24 will allow both companies to use their artificial intelligence technologies to provide more in-depth analysis for oncologists. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Quantgene uses artificial intelligence to analyze a blood sample to determine the extent and growth of cancer in a patient’s body. CureMatch takes a patient’s specific tumor profile and uses artificial intelligence algorithms to recommend treatment guidelines.

According to the announcement, combining both companies’ technology applications will give oncologists and their patients access to a complete molecular tumor profile and options for the best treatment. This effort is part of a growing industry to provide customized precision treatment for cancer patients.

“Together with CureMatch, we can make precision treatment insights available to everyone through a simple blood draw.” Quantgene Chief Executive Jo Bhakdi said in a statement. He added that it could take under three weeks from the time the blood is drawn until the oncologist has treatment recommendations.

CureMatch Chief Executive Navid Alipour said Quantgene’s “ability to unlock the human genome and further inform our decision support system for oncology complements the CureMatch precision medicine solution.”

For Quantgene, this is the third partnership announcement within the past year. In May, Quantgene formed partnerships with New York-based startup genetic testing company Phosphorus Inc. and genetic counseling company DNAVisit, a subsidiary of San Diego-based DNAFeed Inc. 

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