Gen.G hires MLB exec as CEO, price hike for 58 million Netflix users; Boring Co. staffs up.

Netflix Institutes 13 Percent Price Raise

Pricing will soon change for Netflix Inc. subscribers, according to Associated Press. The price hikes will hit all of the Hollywood streaming company’s subscribers, roughly 58 million in total, and each subscription tier will see an estimated price hike of $2. The last time Netflix raised its prices was in October 2017, but that increase only affected HD video subscribers.

Boring Co. Hiring Amidst SpaceX Firings

Bloomberg reports that while nearly 10 percent of Space Exploration Technologies Corp. employees will be laid off, another of Chief Executive Elon Musk’s companies is looking to take on staff. Tunneling firm Boring Co., based in Hawthorne near SpaceX, employs roughly 80 people and is currently taking applications for nearly a dozen jobs, including software development and tunnel engineering.

Gen. G Names MLB Exec as CEO

Gen.G E-sports Group hired Chris Park, the former vice president of product and marketing at Major League Baseball, as its new chief executive. Park will be based out of Gen.G’s new Los Angeles headquarters, and will also join the e-sports outfit’s board as executive chairman, the Business Journal reports.

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