Sinemia goes for the weekday movie fan, AMC jumps into the subscription business; J2 Global reports revenue growth, Bird launches (tentatively) in United Kingdom.

Sinemia Introduces New Plan to Rival AMC

For those occupied on weekends, Fairfax-based MoviePass Inc. rival Sinemia Inc. announced a weekday-only movie plan, Techcrunch reports. The subscription option starts at $4 per month for a single weekday ticket, and extends to $24 monthly for four weekday tickets. This news comes one day after theater operator AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. announced the prices for its own subscription offering would rise to roughly $24 per month for up to three tickets per week in most states.

J2 Global Third Quarter Revenue Grows 7 Percent

Hollywood-based J2 Global Inc. released its third quarter earnings report Nov. 6, reporting quarterly revenues of $292.7 million, up 7 percent from the prior third quarter. J2 Global, as of third quarter 2018, owns $386 million in investments and cash, and spent roughly $113 million on third quarter acquisitions, according to Socaltech. The internet services and publishing firm owns a handful of technology publications, including PCMag, KeepItSafe and IGN; and acquired five companies in October.

Bird Launches Trial in United Kingdom

Vehicle laws are notoriously strict in the U.K., but Santa Monica-based Bird Rides Inc. thinks the company has found a way to begin operations there — by deploying its electric scooter fleet on a pathway in the London Olympic Park. As Engadget reports, Bird has already gone international, but hopes this will be the start of “deregulating” the streets of the United Kingdom to make room for its popular first-mile, last-mile mode of transport.

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