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Anaplex Corp. of Paramount has agreed to pay $142,000 to settle allegations that the plating company had violated hazardous waste rules, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced late Thursday.

The agency said the alleged violations go back five years, when its inspectors found the Anaplex facility had failed to treat wastewater containing cadmium, zinc and other industrial pollutants before discharging it into the county sewer system. The agency also alleged that hazardous waste containers were not properly labeled and that personnel were not properly trained in how to handle hazardous waste.

The federal agency in 2011 issued a notice of violation with an order for Anaplex to comply.

In a response after Thursday's enforcement action was announced, Anaplex President Carmen Campbell said, "Anaplex has resolved the actions with the Environmental Protection Agency issued against the previous management back in 2010. Choosing to move forward was an easy decision for us as a company.

"In keeping with its long track record of high standards safeguarding everyone on staff and the entire community, Anaplex has invested in wastewater treatment improvements that have decreased the volume of wastes discharged and reduced water consumption. Anaplex will continue to find ways to improve its wastewater treatment practices and pledges to explore new ways to be a beacon of environmental stewardship."

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