“The system that’s been approved by the airport commission has zero ability to look for violent felonies that are more than seven years old,” Rouse said. “Anyone with violent felony convictions more than seven years old should be welcome to pick up passengers at LAX.”

The hearing was held because earlier this month, several councilmembers expressed concerns about the airport commission’s July 16 decision and convinced a total of 11 colleagues to intervene. The expectation was that the committee on Tuesday would vote to reject the airport commission decision or send it back for substantial revision.

But committee chair Bob Blumenfield proved to be the swing vote. He said that while some legitimate concerns were raised, there’s a very high bar to overturn city commission decisions and that bar was not met in this instance.

Instead, the committee voted to send a list of 10 recommendations to the full City Council, mostly dealing with additional background check requirements, such as accessing Department of Motor Vehicle driving records and federal fingerprint databases.

The council next week could vote to add these recommendations to the policy allowing Uber and Lyft to pick up LAX passengers or it could let the airport commission decision stand as is. Councilmembers could also vote to reject the airport commission’s decision, but that’s now viewed as unlikely given Tuesday’s committee vote.

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