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Movie Team Tackles Issue Vexing LA

A team with Robert Craig Films toured through Los Angeles this month while making two films.

“No Address” is a feature based on true stories and the reality of the homeless experience. “Americans with No Address” is a documentary on the making of the film and the plight of the homeless.

The Robert Craig Films team toured homeless shelters and encampments in Los Angeles on Nov. 3 as part of the making of the two films.

The team will be interviewing politicians, executives of national organizations in the fight to reduce homelessness and also several people experiencing homelessness in strategic cities to collect data for the film. This material will also be used in the documentary series leading up to the film’s release, according to a release from the production company.

Other cities the Robert Craig Films team will visit include Austin, Texas, on Nov. 5, Chicago on Nov. 9, Washington, D.C., on Nov. 11 and New York City on Nov. 12.

Marbut Jr.

Robert G. Marbut Jr., an executive producer of “No Address,” is an expert on homelessness and has advised three different presidential administrations as the executive director of the Interagency Council on Homelessness, the film company’s release said.

On a single night in America, 1.2 million adults and 1.5 million children experience homelessness, Marbut said.

“The status quo is not working. We need solutions to homelessness that focus on root causes and recovery, not short-term gimmicks,” Marbut said in a statement. “‘No Address’ helps people understand this plight with beautiful and compelling storytelling and, most importantly, how they can help.”

“No Address” is directed by Julia Verdin, a British film producer turned director who has made more than 30 feature films, including “The Merchant of Venice,” starring Al Pacino. The film has a projected release date of winter of next year.

Robert Craig founded Robert Craig Films in 2019 to produce films with stories that not only entertain but motivate viewers to engage deeper with compassion and generosity in the community around them, according to the release. The film company is based in Meadow Vista, near Sacramento.

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