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OSI Wins Contract Valued at $600M

OSI Systems Inc. announced two new orders this month.

The first for the Hawthorne-based manufacturer is from Mexico’s Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional for cargo and vehicle inspection systems and related services. The contract is valued at $600 million.

The second is from ANA Aeroportos de Portugal to provide multiple units of its RTT 110 (Real Time Tomography) explosive detection system. The order is valued at $20 million.

For the Mexican order, the company is expected to provide a range of inspection systems, including the Eagle high-energy and low-energy cargo inspection portals, the Carview vehicle inspection system and the Certscan multi-site integration platform to inspect trucks, buses and cars at several Mexican customs border checkpoints at the country’s northern and southern borders, OSI said.

CarView InLane screening passengervehicles
OSI is making inspection systems for Mexico.

Company Chief Executive Deepak Chopra said that OSI was honored to have received the award.

“With our successful track record worldwide, particularly in customs and border security initiatives, we possess a profound understanding of how to effectively manage these complex projects,” Chopra said.

For business use: $200 per 1st digital image and $100 per additional digital image.For non-business use : $35 per 1st digital image and $15 per additional digital image.

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The company also expects to support the civil works, training and follow-on maintenance of the inspection systems.

For the second order, explosive detection-system units will be installed at various airports throughout Portugal to screen passengers’ checked baggage. OSI has been engaged to provide ongoing maintenance, service and support for these installations.

The RTT unit employs a proprietary stationary gantry approach to provide high-resolution 3D imaging, and its design allows for efficient inspection of checked baggage and air cargo while maintaining the capability to meet recent threat detection standards. RTT 110 has met the European Civil Aviation Conference’s Standard 3 threat detection requirements and has been deployed by numerous international airports and air logistics providers.

Chopra said the company was excited to support the Portuguese airports with its checked baggage screening system.

“As airports continue to upgrade and expand their infrastructure to meet the latest screening standards, improve baggage throughput and air passenger safety, we continue to invest in innovative solutions and technology to meet the evolving needs of the aviation industry,” Chopra he said.

OSI Systems is a vertically integrated designer and manufacturer of specialized electronic systems and components for applications in the homeland security, health care, defense and aerospace industries.

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