Leaders of Influence: Investment Bankers 2022

Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

Welcome to the 2022 installment of our annual roundup of some of the best and most successful investment bankers in the region. In these pages, you’ll find profiles describing many of the genuine leading lights in a profession that has become more important than ever – and a snapshot of what makes them great.

These are the experts that really get our great ideas and concepts on the right track. The best of them will wear multiple hats, providing incredibly valuable guidance and advice while helping their clients raise money in the capital markets. The right investment banker does more than provide an infusion of cash for your business. He or she – and the institution they represent – can genuinely prepare your organization (with the right resources, capital and guidance) for the next level of growth and beyond.

Congratulations to the trailblazing professionals who made this list and thank you for your contributions to the local business community’s success.

Methodology: The professionals featured in these pages did not pay to be included. Their profiles were drawn from nomination materials submitted to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Those selected for inclusion were reviewed by the editorial department and chosen based on a demonstration of impact made on the profession and on the Los Angeles community.

Adam Abramowitz – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Chris Ball – CriticalPoint Partners
Scott Berejikian – CenterPoint M&A Advisors, Inc.
Kevin Berson – Kinected Advisors
David Bonrouhi – Calabasas Capital
Diane Cabo – CriticalPoint Partners
John Calcagnini – Stout Capital
Alexander Cappello – Cappello Global, LLC
Sherry Cefali – Duff & Phelps Opinions Practice of Kroll, LLC
Nick Cipiti – CriticalPoint Partners
Andrew Dunst – The Sage Group, LLC
Arash Farin – The Sage Group, LLC
Venice Gamble – Three Twenty-One Capital Partners, LLC
Lloyd Greif – Greif & Co.
Channing Hamlet – Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation
David Iannini – William & Henry Associates
Karan Kapoor – Kroll, LLC
Brian Little – Kroll
Robert Maggiacomo – Synergy Advisors LLC
Jeremiah Mann – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Patrice McNicoll – B. Riley Securities
Jon Merriman – B. Riley Securities
Brady Money – Greif & Co.
Joel Montminy – Montminy & Co LLC
Steve Moon – Kroll Securities, LLC
Christopher Park – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Nishen Radia – FocalPoint, a division of B. Riley Securities
Stephen Rossi – Palm Tree LLC
Dan Shea – Objective, Investment Banking & Valuation
Aaron Solganick – Solganick & Co.
Rajesh Sood – FocalPoint, a division of B. Riley Securities
Nia Stefani – Xnergy Financial
Duane Stullich – FocalPoint, a division of B. Riley Securities
George Swain – GeorgeSwain Investments
Matt Young – CriticalPoint Partners