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LA500 2024: Tammy McKerrow-Poulos

Shareholder, Jerde

McKerrow-Poulos began her tenure at downtown-based architecture firm Jerde in the mid-1980s working under the mentorship of firm founder Jon Jerde; she was soon selected as a key designer to illustrate his visionary masterplans. Today, she is one of the firm’s lead design principals and the architect behind many of the firm’s most notable projects. Tammy has extensive experience working on projects all over the world, from large-scale to mixed-use, and urban design to architecture strategy. One of her signature recent projects was Pacific City, a $135 million retail development in Huntington Beach. Among Jerde’s Los Angeles County projects are the redesign of the area around Pasadena’s Rose Bowl and an overhaul of the Howard Hughes Center in Westchester.


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