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LA500 2024: Alan Pullman

Founding Partner, Studio One Eleven

A licensed architect who has been practicing since the 1980s, Pullman founded Studio One Eleven in 2000 with a vision of making cities more just, inclusive and sustainable. He has led the studio’s architecture and urban design work, including community-driven neighborhood improvements and designs focused on sustainable mobility and quality of life. Among his more notable projects: the massive 4th and Central mixed-use project, the Hope Village mixed-use affordable housing project and the Bloc retail and entertainment center – all in downtown Los Angeles. Pullman also led the design of the West Harbor, a $170 million public-private partnership project at the Port of Los Angeles that broke ground in 2022 which spans 42 acres, and the Lot Studios in West Hollywood. He has also led efforts on the urban design front to provide more shade and more amenities to sidewalks and streets. His firm is also very involved in Long Beach, where it is based and does a large number of projects.


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