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Economic Trends 2022 More Back issues See E-Edition

The Los Angeles Business Journal was excited to host the 2022 Economic Trends virtual event on Wednesday afternoon, February 2nd.

The event featured three lively virtual panel discussions featuring leading experts on the hottest topics on the minds of LA area business leaders at the start of this year. The panels offered an insightful look back on the unprecedented challenges and silver linings of the past couple of years while providing a deep dive into the economic trendws we are facing moving forward.

Our outstanding group of panelists and moderators examined the issues as they shared their experiences and predictions for the year to come. The panels this year focused on the hot-button topics of “Real Estate: A Tale of Two Cities,” “The Changing Workforce and Labor Shortages,” and “Rebalancing the Economy,” with expert insights and analysis about the impact current trends are likely to have on the overall economic climate.

Many thanks to our excellent panelists, who took the time to share their insights on the biggest headlines and where the market is going in 2022.