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State Chamber Cites ‘Job-Killer’ Bills

The California Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday launched a campaign to defeat 23 bills in the state Legislature it has identified as “job killers” that would harm employers.

Among the bills are several that would increase taxes on employers or make it easier for workers and others to sue business owners. Also included are bills that would ban polystyrene containers and require that future development projects ensure residents’ access to healthy foods.

“In a state where we need to do everything possible to improve the economy, it’s imperative that legislators stop introducing and passing bills that cost jobs and erode the quality of life for all Californians,” said Chamber Chief Executive Allan Zaremberg.

Chamber executives and lobbyists expect this year’s list of job-killer bills to grow in coming months as lawmakers amend bills.

The Chamber has had a good track record of defeating job-killer bills: Last year, the Chamber identified 30. Five passed the Legislature and only one was signed into law. Since 2007, four out of 175 bills that the Chamber has identified as “job killers” have been signed into law.

Howard Fine
Howard Fine
Howard Fine is a 23-year veteran of the Los Angeles Business Journal. He covers stories pertaining to healthcare, biomedicine, energy, engineering, construction, and infrastructure. He has won several awards, including Best Body of Work for a single reporter from the Alliance of Area Business Publishers and Distinguished Journalist of the Year from the Society of Professional Journalists.

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