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Women of Influence: Finance 2024 – Pamela Bauer

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Director, Underwriting
Arixa Capital

Pamela Bauer is an underwriting powerhouse. Throughout her career, Bauer has consistently exceeded production goals, demonstrated adaptability in ramping up quickly to meet tight deadlines, and actively enhanced operational efficiency to support lending growth. Her comprehensive understanding of financial risk and credit analysis, coupled with a track record of successful project management and team leadership, has made Bauer a valuable asset at Arixa Capital.

In just her first six months at Arixa, Bauer has doubled the size of the underwriting team to address increasing loan volume. She brings deep experience to work through complex issues and provide creative solutions to mitigate risk, while meeting deadlines and committing to Arixa’s culture of providing exceptional service – to borrowers as well as to colleagues at Arixa. Her focus on streamlining operations and developing clear guidelines and structure for the underwriting team will help set up Arixa for success in 2024.

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