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Women of Influence: Finance 2024 – Deborah La Franchi

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SDS Capital Group

During a distinguished career, SDS Capital CEO Deborah La Franchi has truly been a woman of influence, leading the charge for women in a male dominated industry, and helping provide opportunities for other women with her talent and her passion.

In 2001 La Franchi founded SDS Capital Group, an institutional fund manager and private lender that focuses on providing both debt and equity for developers of affordable housing throughout the United States with the goal of engaging the private sector in the battle against poverty. Since that time La Franchi has built SDS into a firm with over $1.9 billion assets under management. Each impact fund on SDS’s platform serves a different geography and employs a unique investment strategy, but they all generate positive impacts for low-income communities and people. Each fund either targets a risk-adjusted rate-of-return or provides capital at a below-market cost.

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