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Women of Influence: Attorneys 2023 – Jessica Anvar

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Founder and Managing Partner
The Lemon Law Experts

Jessica Anvar’s career as a lemon law attorney started when a friend experienced car trouble. Jessica realized through research that there were state and federal laws to protect consumers from being stuck with defective products with no recourse. She started her own lemon law firm to help those who may be in the same situation as her friend.

Anvar is very active in the day to day work of every department of her lemon law firm, even handling all of the marketing up until a few years ago. In addition to her law firm, Anvar is an experienced entrepreneur with various other businesses. Her dedication to consumer protection sets her apart. Her passion for protecting consumer rights is especially evident in her role as the only lemon law attorney on the Consumers Association of California Board of Directors. She uses her platform to advocate for consumers and raise awareness.

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