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Women of Influence: Attorneys 2023 – Ivy Kagan Bierman

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Chair, Entertainment Labor Group
Loeb & Loeb

Ivy Kagan Bierman, chair of Loeb & Loeb’s Entertainment Labor Group, is among the few entertainment industry labor experts who represent film, television and digital companies, broadcasting and cable networks, public broadcasting companies, distribution companies, brands, advertisers and advertising agencies in guild and union and other labor matters and employment matters.

Bierman is passionate about ensuring that clients have good work cultures where everyone feels safe, respected and included. She handles cultural assessments for companies and organizations and strategizes with them regarding developing and maintaining good cultures where everyone can thrive. She also continues to be a “go to” for high profile sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying investigations and trainings. She is also committed to fostering better management and union relations and is setting ground rules for negotiations that require that everyone treat each other respectfully and with civility during negotiations.

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