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The TACORI Crescent Connects
Each Handcrafted Fine Jewelry Collection

TACORI, a timeless and iconic fine jewelry brand, celebrates the 25th anniversary of its signature design, the TACORI Crescent. What began as a challenge to embed a hidden symbol of love on the inner face of a ring decades ago has become TACORI’s world-renowned signature design detail.

In 1998, the TACORI Crescent was born when TACORI founder, Haig Tacorian, commissioned artisan, Garo Kourounian, to imbue a ring with a subtle symbol of love. Kourounian artfully concealed a heart, only revealing the upper half of the shape. This distinctive design was the first iteration of the iconic Crescent that now unites every collection.

The TACORI Crescent is used in original and unexpected ways – as a fabric on the inner face of a ring, as an artisan signature, and as a hidden detail only visible to the wearer. It can be etched in metal, set in pavé diamonds, or formed from negative space to create stunning windows of light.

Today, Tacorian’s daughter and Head of Design, Nadine Tacorian Arzerounian, creates an artful balance between tradition and innovation.

“The essence of the TACORI legacy is the Crescent, and we continue to honor and evolve this foundational design element,” said Arzerounian. “By adding these unexpected and distinctive touches, TACORI transforms a beautiful piece of jewelry into a reminder to celebrate life’s beautiful details.”

To mark this important anniversary, TACORI will be spotlighting the Crescent with an array of activities. Including the launch of a Classic Crescent RoyalT Diamond Band capsule collection (pictured above), a limited-edition TACORI art book that showcases the evolution of this iconic design, exclusive customer giveaways, a one-of-a kind TACORI Crescent traveling retail installation, and more at participating TACORI Authorized Retail Partner locations.

To learn more, visit www.TACORI.com/Crescent-25

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