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Women Of Influence: Health Care- Sunanda Chatterjee, MD


Sunanda Chatterjee, MD
Emanate Health Queen of the Valley Hospital

Dr. Sunanda Chatterjee had a critical leadership role in the lab during the COVID-19 pandemic working closely with Emanate Health Queen of the Valley Hospital’s clinical director. In the early days of the pandemic, hospitals and the healthcare industry faced immense challenges obtaining testing platforms and testing supplies. These items were critical to patients who were coming to the facilities for procedures and to hospital staff who were providing care to patients during the pandemic. Dr. Chatterjee played a critical role to secure these testing platforms and supplies at a time when these materials were difficult to obtain. These supplies have allowed Emanate Health Queen of the Valley Hospital to help communities in need during the pandemic.

Dr. Chatterjee also established protocols to work around deficiencies in the availability of blood products for patients. Her work in this area was truly life saving for patients.

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Paola Mendez
Paola Mendez
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