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Women Of Influence: Health Care- Sarah Van Orman

Sarah Van Orman
Associate Vice Provost for Student Health Chief Health Officer, USC Student Health Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, Division Head College Health
Keck School of Medicine of USC

For more than two decades, Dr. Sarah Van Orman has been a passionate advocate for improving student health across the country. She has been one of the most prominent voices for changing both the dialog and delivery of health services to students in the nation’s colleges and universities. Van Orman raised the visibility of both the health needs of college students and college health because she believes that college students have unique needs. She has promoted the development of holistic, public health approaches, involving student health working with campus departments such as housing and police, to ensure that students’ physical and mental health needs are met as well as changing the policies, systems and environment to improve student wellbeing. She has advocated for investment in student health because it is intrinsically tied to academic success. At USC, she has supported a massive expansion of mental health services for students.

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