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Women Of Influence: Health Care- Judy Pugach, MPH RN CPHQ CPHRM HACP

Vice President Regulatory Affairs
PIH Health

In her current role, Judy Pugach has oversight of the Emergency Preparedness program and all licensing and regulatory responsibilities of the enterprise. She is dedicated to addressing the evolution in regulations and PIH Health’s compliance with standards of the numerous governing bodies that oversee healthcare.

In the last two years, as our nation dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pugach’s leadership has been vital to PIH Health, as she led efforts to quickly and efficiently adapt to rapidly changing local, statewide and national mandates and recommendations that protected the health of our patients, physicians and staff. Her commitment to community is evident through her countless contributions to patient safety, her unfailing guidance and expertise have been essential in the organization’s continued delivery of quality healthcare. In the more than 25 years with the organization, Pugach has demonstrated outstanding leadership and management skills.

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Paola Mendez
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