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Women Of Influence: Attorneys – Angel Nakamura

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Angel Nakamura
Arnold & Porter

Angel Tang Nakamura’s practice focuses on the management of complex, multi-party litigation, including class actions and multi-district litigation. Her clients include pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer product manufacturers. Her work over the years has included pre-trial assessments and consultations, working with state and federal regulators, crisis management and recalls, discovery strategy and management, expert witness development, and end game strategy.

Nakamura has acted as national counsel in a number of high profile MDL cases, including those involving heparin contamination, diet drugs, tobacco products, testosterone replacement therapy, and opioid medications. In this role, she has developed significant expertise in managing high volume, multi-jurisdiction litigations, where she is highly skilled at developing national trial and discovery strategies, and local counsel and joint defense group management plans. Many of her cases involve thousands of cases pending in various jurisdictions at the same time.

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