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Women Of Influence: Health Care- Shafali Jeste, MD

Shafali Jeste, MD
Chief, Division of Neurology and Co-Director, Neurological Institute
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Dr. Shafali Jeste is a behavioral child neurologist specializing in autism and related neurodevelopmental disorders. She is the chief of the Division of Neurology and co-director of the Neurological Institute at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. After earning a BA in philosophy from Yale University in 1997 and her MD from Harvard Medical School in 2002, Dr. Jeste completed a residency in child neurology and a fellowship in behavioral child neurology at Boston Children’s Hospital. She joined UCLA in 2010.

Dr. Jeste’s research is focused on developing methods to improve precision in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Her lab studies neurodevelopmental disorders from early infancy through late childhood. Dr. Jeste has designed innovative studies in early predictors of autism in Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) that integrate biomarkers with behavior to define atypical development prior to the onset of autism.

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