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Leaders of Influence: Minority CPAs 2024 – Satpal Nagpal

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With extensive experience in public accounting and an innovative leadership style, Satpal Nagpal has significantly contributed to the growth and diversity of GHJ’s Audit and Assurance Practice and transformed the face of accounting as a whole. His commitment to fostering technology integration, global collaboration and personal growth has made him a recognized leader.

Nagpal has spearheaded the integration of cutting-edge technologies in GHJ’s Audit and Assurance Practice, markedly boosting efficiency and setting new standards for effectiveness. He also initiated partnerships with an Indian accounting firm, enhancing GHJ’s service capacity and fostering cross-cultural learning and problem-solving. A genuine mentorship advocate, Nagpal is committed to mentoring young professionals and has been instrumental in nurturing the next generation of leaders at GHJ. Nagpal is also known for demonstrating versatility with experience across various sectors like waste management, real estate and entertainment, enhancing GHJ’s market adaptability.

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