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Leaders of Influence: Minority CPAs 2024 – Cathy Hyodo

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Market Managing Partner
Grant Thornton LLP

Over the course of a nearly 30-year accounting career, Cathy Hyodo has helped tech start-ups and Fortune 100 companies achieve widespread success by knowing how to navigate current and future challenges.

Her forward-thinking leadership style has been a boon for her clients and her firm. From the dot-com era to the age of AI, the veteran accountant has played a significant role in growing Grant Thornton’s technology sector. Long before the current craze of special acquisition companies (SPACs), Hyodo predicted that SPACS would gain traction in the marketplace. She created a SPAC alliance that brought ample new business to Grant Thornton and provided those clients with the in-depth knowledge they needed. Hyodo exhibited similar prescience when helping the firm’s clients navigate the ‘08 financial crisis, the recent collapse of SVB and several other “black swan” events. She has safeguarded her clients against crises by preparing clients for long-term resiliency.

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