Commercial Real Estate 2019 Nominees


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A Global View of Commercial Real Estate in 2019: Opportunities Abound Amid Strong Demand
Set against the backdrop of a rapidly increasing world population, global GDP growth, relatively strong economies and heightened job creation, real estate markets are thriving. Fundamentals continue to show great strength amidst restrained building activity, strong demand and accordant rising rents… Read More

Are Public-Private Partnerships the Solution for U.S. Infrastructure?
Many of us associate infrastructure with crumbling roads and bridges, but U.S. infrastructure issues are far more pronounced than what we see on our daily commute. Recent incidents involving aging municipal water pipes, overloaded sewer systems and even burst dams should remind us… Read More

Commercial Real Estate Development and Operations Support 8.3 Million Jobs
New development and ongoing operations of existing commercial real estate buildings in the United States – office, industrial, warehouse and retail – generates significant economic growth at the state and national levels… Read More