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Top 100 Accountants 2023 – Frances Ellington

Partner; State and Local Tax Practice Leader

Frances Ellington, DBA, is a partner and the State and Local Tax Practice leader at GHJ, a national advisory and accounting firm. Ellington not only has a doctorate in the field, but also has more than a decade of state and local tax expertise with national and Big Four accounting firms and multinational companies. She is regularly consulted on tax concepts by clients, accounting colleagues and the media, from local newspapers to international podcasts.

Ellington identifies state and local tax planning opportunities that will maximize tax benefits and savings for each client. These clients come from a variety of industries, including entertainment and media, manufacturing, retail, technology, transportation and wholesale distribution. In addition to her role as GHJ’s state and local tax expert, Ellington serves as a career advisor and mentor for her team of accountants, guiding employees at all levels as they grow in their roles.

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