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Women of Influence: Finance 2023 – Mollie Kaiser

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Private Wealth Advisor
Strategic View Advisors

During Mollie Kaiser’s 15 years in the finance industry, she has worked in investment management at notable financial institutions such as Bernstein Global Wealth Management and Credit Suisse. While investment management satisfied one aspect of the client’s financial needs, Kaiser found herself interested in a more comprehensive approach, which led her to join Strategic View Advisors in 2016 where she is now a private wealth advisor.

Prior to joining the finance industry, Kaiser worked as a crisis counselor with adults experiencing homelessness and mental illness in residential programs. While the journey from crisis counseling to financial planning has exposed Kaiser to different worlds, she sees that the two are connected by a common goal: to help a person find clarity, stability, and peace of mind. She constantly carries the awareness that financial planning is much more than just money management – it’s the foundation on which we build our lives.

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