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Women of Influence: Finance 2023 – Barbara Bernstein

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Wealth Management Advisor
Northwestern Mutual

Barbara Bernstein’s role is to help people articulate their goals and connect them to the tools that are available to bring those goals to fruition. She works to establish a collaborative relationship with her clients, who know Bernstein as an advisor and an educator, one who leads with transparency so that they have a complete understanding of each piece of their plan.

In Bernstein’s early professional life, she first worked as a news producer at KCBS, later transitioning to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Though she was enjoying success in entertainment, she was nagged by thoughts that she might be able to make a bigger impact elsewhere. Armed with a passion for teaching and problem solving, Bernstein knew she would enjoy helping others take control of their financial position. Today, she helps people, often women, become empowered to live a life of financial freedom.

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