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Leaders of Influence: Residential Real Estate Brokers 2022 – Kurt Wisner

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The Local Real Estate Group

The Local Real Estate Group reflects the team’s deep-rooted commitment to the communities they serve. Over the years, The Local has assembled an incredible team of specialists who put their all into everything they do. One such specialist is Kurt Wisner, who started his real estate career in West Seattle, where he was the number one realtor for the better part of a decade. After taking a two-year sabbatical, during which he traveled the world with his brother, Wisner landed in Los Angeles and has been practicing real estate in California ever since. He brings the life lessons he learned around the globe to his career and is always focused on keeping his priorities straight. Affectionately known as the “Mayor of Atwater,” Wisner is a both keen negotiator and an affable friend — making him a welcome fixture in the NELA community.

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