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Leaders of Influence: Residential Real Estate Brokers 2022 – Chris Cortazzo

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Chris Cortazzo is a real estate icon. His name is synonymous with Malibu, and he is a rare breed of real estate agent actually born and raised there. When Cortazzo speaks about his beloved hometown, you don’t just hear the passion in his voice– you sense it at the soul level. It’s one of the many reasons why countless celebrities and high-profile business leaders continue to seek him out for real estate representation. With over $8 billion in career sales (including more than $1 billion last year alone), knowledge, passion, discretion, and integrity have been the undercurrents of his real estate business for over 28 years. His natural charisma, combined with his ability to be laser-focused on clients in a way that makes them feel like there is no one else in the room, are well-known trademarks.

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