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Leaders of Influence: Most Admired Law Firms To Work For 2022 – Meyers Nave

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Meyers Nave

Meyers Nave is defined by its people. With decades of celebrated legal accomplishments, dedicated employees and precedent-setting work, the Meyers Nave team is drawn in by the interesting, challenging and meaningful work it completes for its clients, the difference it makes in its communities, and the leadership roles its attorneys hold in the legal profession. The firm’s path to success is guided by three fundamental and enduring principles – impress clients, inspire employees and involve communities. Meyers Nave dedicates itself to improving diversity and inclusion throughout its offices, in the legal profession, and in its communities – wherever it can have an impact. The firm upholds the values that define it and the work it has achieved to help make the world a better place for everyone.

Meyers Nave is guided by the fundamental principle that it can do well by doing good. In the LA area specifically, the firm has tallied numerous wins in pro bono and land use matters with a strong public interest, including the new Los Angeles Clippers stadium and the site for the City of Anaheim’s “Big A 2050” mixeduse plaza for the Los Angeles Angels. These are only a few of the firm’s outstanding efforts to build and unite the community.

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