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Leaders of Influence: Most Admired Law Firms To Work For 2022 – K&L Gates LLP

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K&L Gates LLP

K&L Gates fosters an inclusive and collaborative environment across its fully integrated global platform that enables the firm to diligently combine the knowledge and expertise of its lawyers and policy professionals to create teams that provide exceptional client solutions. K&L Gates marries process with vision, success with dedication, method with passion, and innovation with creativity.

K&L Gates recognizes the fact that people have different personal needs and responsibilities outside the firm. Subsequently, the firm introduced several work-life balance initiatives to empower its people in defining their successes and paving their unique paths to achieve them. Among the most notable of these efforts has been the firm’s Balanced Hours Program. The firm introduced the program many years ago to provide lawyers with the opportunity to balance work and other demands and to identify a reduced utilization schedule. The firm recently modernized the program to include a provision for a bonus to retrospectively adjust the participating lawyer’s compensation upward to actual performance when actual performance exceeded the planned reduced schedule. The firm also features a “Ramp Down, Ramp Up & Re-Integration Program,” enabling lawyers to take any kind of planned, approved leave of 12 weeks or more. The program allows for reduced utilization targets during periods before and after leave without an adverse impact on compensation or bonus eligibility.

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