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Leaders of Influence: Most Admired Law Firms To Work For 2022 – Dykema Gossett PLLC

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Dykema Gossett PLLC

Dykema’s attorneys and other professionals have an unparalleled emphasis on teamwork and work in close partnership with each other and their clients. The firm encourages collaboration and mentorship opportunities, which in turn allows everyone to deliver outstanding results, supreme service and exceptional value in every interaction. Dykema has a robust professional development program that includes training and development seminars; internal and external CLEs; and pro bono opportunities in individual offices and nationwide. Attorneys and staff are also provided with internal and external training on various topics such as communication skills, anti-harassment training, critical conversations, mindfulness, and bias training.

As part of the firm’s commitment to professional and personal development, Dykema is consistently offering departmental and firm-wide training. In 2021, the firm hosted live firmwide webinars discussing race and the cultural differences in America and addressing how to protect mental health, resolve ambivalence towards self-care, and initiate the change process to release detrimental habits. Dykema’s Employee Resource Groups connect people across physical offices and departments with others who share a particular commonality to support each other. This includes sharing resources with others in the group as well as making recommendations to firm leadership and hosting internal events and programs to support internal and external programs for diverse populations.

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