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Leaders of Influence: Litigators & Trial Attorneys 2022 – Trent Copeland

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Trent Copeland is one of the most active and sought after trial lawyers in the country. Having tried more than 75 cases – both criminal and civil – he has seen all aspects of civil litigation and criminal defense. He successfully represented a Muslim college professor in one of the government’s first investigations targeting a U.S. citizen as having potentially violated the Patriot Act. Following Copeland’s representation the government closed the matter without the filing of charges.

Copeland took over the representation of the former client of disgraced attorney Michael Avenatti who was victimized by Avenatti’s criminal extortion of Nike, Inc., which resulted in Avenatti’s federal prosecution and conviction. He also advised and counselled members of the Kennedy family in their public opposition to the proposed release of assassin, Sirhan Sirhan. Copeland also recently represented a high-profile news anchor in her claims for discrimination against a major news network.

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