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Leaders of Influence: 2023 Minority Attorneys – Reginald Roberts Jr.

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Co-Founding Partner and Co-Managing Partner
Sanders Roberts LLP

Reginald Roberts, Jr., a co-founding partner and a co-managing partner of Sanders Roberts LLP, has been handling complex employment and business litigation issues for over 15 years, relentlessly defending public and private clients in matters that stand to critically impact their lives and livelihoods: from discrimination and harassment to wrongful termination, breach of contract to insurance coverage disputes, premises liability to wrongful death.

Roberts is a leading employment defense trial lawyer and a persuasive advocate for his clients who range from global corporations and financial institutions to municipalities and individuals. He handles cases from pre-litigation all the way through trial, in both state and federal courts. He assists his clients in navigating complex and sometimes challenging employment scenarios that may garner public attention while simultaneously minimizing risk and addressing concerns beyond just monetary impact. Roberts also has an excellent track record when it comes to defending cases at trial.

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