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People on the Move

Our People on the Move section is the perfect place to announce new hires and promotions.

Los Angeles Business Journal’s People on the Move

Please contact Rosz Murray: (323) 549-5225, ext. 215, or [email protected].

Business Marketplace

Our Business Marketplace section is designed for advertising office space, residential real estate, businesses for sale, internet/technology services, coworking spaces, employment/recruitment of top or middle managers, business products, or requests for proposals/legal services.

Please contact Rosz Murray: (323) 549-5225, ext. 215, or [email protected].

Los Angeles Business Journal Executives & Industries

Name Email Ext.   Advertising Categories

Josh Schimmels

[email protected]


Publisher and CEO

Ellen Mazen

[email protected]


Advertising Director, National

Eva Juse

[email protected]


Advertising Director, Local

Charmaine Alexander

[email protected]


Account Manager – Local Financial and Banking Companies

Jim Slater

[email protected]


Account Manager – Technology, Transportation, Government

Lanna Solnit

[email protected]


Account Manager — Education, Residential Real Estate, Hospitality

Maria Santizo

[email protected]


Marketing Coordinator

Norma Montalvo

[email protected]


Account Manager — Nonprofits; CRE, Construction & Architecture (A-L)

Rosz Murray

[email protected]


Classified Sales Manager: On the Move – People & Business Marketplace