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New Guidelines Expand the Reach of REITs
Before Congress created Real Estate Investment Trusts, or “REITs,” in 1960, investments in commercial real estate were only available to institutions and wealthier individuals. The introduction of REITs allowed small, mom and pop investors to access these financial opportunities… Read More

Tariffs: Assessing the Economic Impact
As the United States inches perilously closer to a three-front trade war with its NAFTA trading partners, the EU and U.K., China, Japan and most of the economies situated along the Asian supply chain, the initial costs of the first few rounds of the prolonged trade spat are coming into view. Those costs will be concentrated in a number of critical industrial ecosystems…. Read More

Seven Ways to Save Money on Small Business Health Insurance
There’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to health insurance: it’s expensive. Last year, employers spent an average of 7.6% of their total annual budget on employee health care costs, which averaged $6,435 for an individual plan and $12,865 for a family plan per employee. And even with generous employer premium contributions, health insurance… Read More

CEO Watch: Cyber Security Remains Real Threat, Especially For Small- to Mid-Size Firms
Many business issues keep CEOs and CFOs up at night, but none may be more prevalent or critical than cyber security. While bigger companies typically make the headlines when a breach is discovered, smaller firms are also the target of increasingly sophisticated assaults from hackers around the world… Read More

Key Items of Tax Reform Law that Will Affect You
On Dec. 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation affects taxes for both businesses and individuals for 2018 and beyond. Here are some key provisions of the tax law that you should consider when filing your 2018 taxes next year… Read More

Profile of a Company that Does Things the Right Way
In October 1971, Jennie and Gilbert de Cardenas immigrated to the U.S. from Cuba. Chasing the American dream, Gilbert worked odds jobs to support his family until he found his opportunity while shopping in a small family grocery. They were sampling the grocer’s Queso Fresco and after just one taste, Gilbert knew he could do better… Read More

Expand Your Investment Options with REITs
With modest economic growth and an extended bull market in stocks, is this the time for Real Estate Investment Trusts (or “REITs”)?.. Read More

The Changing Role of a CFO: New Skills for Success
ACFO has historically been envisioned as “the chief numbers person.” But that role has expanded into areas not even imaginable 10 years ago, and those not evolving their skillsets risk being left behind. CFOs are now expected to be C-suite/board advisors, giving accurate, strategic recommendations based on a broad array of data and advanced analytics… Read More

Proposed Rules on the Definition of SSTBs
On Dec. 22, 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The legislation affects taxes for both businesses and individuals for 2018 and beyond. Here are some key provisions of the tax law that you should consider when filing your 2018 taxes next year… Read More

Three Things Every Middle Market CFO Needs to Do About Cyber Risk
You and I are playing a word association game and I say, “Target. Sony. Equifax.” If what comes to mind are the costly data breaches each company suffered, the millions of dollars lost and the loss of customers as a result of tarnished brand reputations, then we should talk – particularly if you are the CFO of a middle market business where the vast… Read More

Eight Insights for CFO of the Year Awards
As the longest serving Los Angeles Business Journal judge, it is amazing to see all of the accomplishments and great talent Los Angeles has to offer. It has been an honor to participate in the LABJ CFO of the Year Awards for the last three years… Read More

Eco-Friendly, Energy Savings with Solar Water Heating
SoCal residents and businesses are taking important steps to reduce their environmental impact and conserve natural resources. Solar water heating is a great way to make your business more sustainable by relying on the clean… Read More

Pioneers of Design-Build and Integrated Project Delivery Focus on Supporting Clients’ Success
Since 1963, Pankow has benefited clients through creative problem-solving, engineering expertise and construction innovation… Read More

Solving the Succession Puzzle: Tips to a Successful Transition for Your Business
One of the most significant risks to the future of any business is often overlooked: What will happen when the ownership or leadership changes? Unfortunately, many business owners put off succession planning — to the detriment of family, employees, and the business itself… Read More

How Closely-Held Companies Often Use Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Often, owners of successful closely-held companies are concerned for what will happen to their dedicated employees— and the business itself—long before they ever consider selling or departing from the business. These closely-held companies often use Employee Stock Ownership Plans… Read More

Viewing Total Health as a Business
At Kaiser Permanente, everyone—myself included—are advocates for total health. By that, we mean, everyone should have the opportunity to thrive in mind, body and spirit. To do that effectively, our quality care must be affordable… Read More

Treasury and Finance Professionals Earned Average Raises of 4.3% Last Year
Treasury and finance professionals enjoyed a 4.3 percent base salary gain in 2017, according to new research by the Association for Financial Professionals. Both executive and management-tier professionals garnered increases of 4.4 percent… Read More

Bank Economists See Economy Pushing Unemployment Rate to New Lows
This year the U.S. economy will enjoy its strongest growth this cycle, pushing unemployment to the lowest rate in nearly half a century, according to the Economic Advisory Committee of the American Bankers Association… Read More