This is the future of the health care industry in Los Angeles – a new health care startup climate, some say is reminiscent of Silicon Valley, where young, ambitious entrepreneurs with big ideas can access the capital they need to start a business and grow it into a prosperous company that makes a substantive impact on quality of life in our local communities.

In addition to the rise of service-related resources like home care, this new climate is also promoting the emergence of the mHealth industry – or the mobile health industry. The Alzheimer’s Association’s Comfort Zone app, for example, tracks a person in real time on a mobile phone or tablet using a GPS device. The pillbox app Balance lets people monitor medication management for a loved one.

The local demographic shift that has paved the way for the growth of these new health care businesses is much too vast to fully understand or predict. There is a great deal we still don’t know about how the aging of the baby boomers will affect our national population and economic landscape.

But as we continue to undergo this drastic demographic shift, we will undoubtedly see this new L.A. health care sector changing and adapting right along with it.

David Allerby is the chief executive and co-founder of 24Hr HomeCare, based in El Segundo.

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