Women’s Leadership Series & Awards 1st Panel Series


The Los Angeles Business Journal is excited to host the 2020 Women’s Leadership Series & Awards throughout the month of October.

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Webinar Polling Results:


Today’s Work-Life Balance


Natalie Barron
Certified Financial Planner & Portfolio Manager

“Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”


Misty de Lamare
Director of Communications
L.A. Care Health Plan

“Forgive yourself. It’s ok to not have all the answers, to feel angry or sad, or to take time off for self-care. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while taking care of others.”


Penny Griego
Media Relations Specialist
L.A. Care Health Plan

“In the COVID era, work-life balance has transformed into work-life integration, and after developing a routine, I think it has made me a stronger employee, wife and mother.”


Kandee Rochelle Lewis
Executive Director
The Positive Results Corporation

“When you know you are loved, are taught to believe in yourself, and given opportunities to excel, you have the potential to live an amazing life. When you positively impact one life, you create space for everyone to live life abundantly!”

Getting on Boards


Lori Anderson
President & CEO
United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles, Ventura & Santa Barbara Counties

“Organizations embracing the power that comes from engaging highly qualified women in leadership roles experience a positive change in workplace culture and improved bottom line results.”


Kellie Hawkins
Senior Vice President

“Women are leaders in access, action and accountability. Without women in leadership or positions of power, organizations and corporations cannot make necessary progress.”


Donella M. Wilson
Partner and Nonprofit Practice Leader
Green Hasson Janks
President and Chief Philanthropy Officer
GHJ Foundation

“When all women have full and equal access to board opportunities, their perspectives and contributions will drive greater organizational success.”

Michelle Wroan
Los Angeles Office Managing Partner

“There is a great difference between sitting on a Board and serving on a Board. Serving on a Board speaks to who you are as a professional and a citizen.”

Leading Through Change


Dara F. Castle
Washington D.C. Metro Market Leader, Government Contracting National Industry Leader, and National Women’s Initiative Leader

“In a global economy with an increasingly tight yet diverse workforce, employers must create workplaces that suit the needs of diverse populations. And women are a big part of the equation.”


Dr. Bernice Ledbetter
Dean of Students and Alumni Relations
Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

“Smart leaders of the future will understand the synergistic connection between the need to adapt quickly to change and the simultaneous need to create a diverse and inclusive organizational culture.”


Anne Miskey
Union Station Homeless Service

“Access to affordable housing is the key to keeping ALL our neighbors safe and healthy. Together, we can and must work together to ensure everyone has a life of dignity and a place to call home.”


Danone Simpson
President & CEO
Montage Insurance Solutions

“We need to be flexible and policy structured, keeping an open mind, while analyzing the impact of the changes to the environment our clients and employees experience, constantly listening and guiding.”

Inside This Supplement

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Understanding Trauma and Its Impact on Children, Families and Community
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NWBC & SBA Focus on Resiliency in Face of Pandemic
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