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LABJ Insider: Holiday Pop-Ups Are a Testing Ground for Retailers and Commercial Landlords

Pop-up stores and exhibits aren’t new, but they are gaining in number and popularity as retailers, brands and event hosts look for cost-efficient ways to test concepts, and retail real estate owners and operators look for tenants, even if they are temporary.

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LABJ Insider: Leading Attorneys Emphasize Focus to Produce Results

Attorneys are an adaptable group of professionals, keeping up with frequent changes to law, regulatory requirements, and social and cultural concerns.

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LABJ Insider: Why Companies Need to Adapt Workspaces to People, Not Vice Versa

We’re in the midst of the Great Talent Reshuffle — a more positive label popping up online than the Great Resignation referring to how large numbers of people are reevaluating how and where they want to work. And businesses are reshuffling workspace priorities in kind.

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LABJ Insider: Local Execs and Organizations Launch Efforts to Tackle Socioeconomic Issues

Heading into the season of thanksgiving, efforts seem to be sprouting up to build a brighter future everyone can be thankful for … someday.

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LABJ Insider: How — and Why — to Expand Abroad

The Business Journal hosted its inaugural International Business Forum & Awards Oct. 27, and the panel explored an interesting crossroads companies are at: whether to focus on nearshoring or to pursue international markets.

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LABJ Insider: How This LA Business Is Connecting Startup Founders With $100M Worth of Support Services

In the midst of last summer’s social justice protests, numerous companies expressed support for minority-owned businesses, and people have been watching to see whether they’d follow their social media posts with real action — and money.

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LABJ Insider: LA Companies’ New Social Responsibility Programs Are Gifts That Keep on Giving

The gift-giving season is full steam ahead, and thank goodness so are the ports as they’re now aiming to work round the clock to try to unclog their part of the supply chain (more on the ports on page 4).

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LABJ Insider: Employers Find New Ways to Differentiate Themselves and Attract Talent

Employers aren’t just competing to attract and retain talent these days in an effort to stem the tide of the Great Resignation; they’re also finding new ways to differentiate themselves.

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LABJ Insider: How QR Codes Could Help Businesses Face a Possible Vaccine Verification Requirement

The Los Angeles City Council will meet tomorrow to hold a second vote on an ordinance to require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to enter indoor facilities.

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LABJ Insider: CFOs Get Creative to Manage Challenges in Changing Market

A company’s financial health can be affected by almost every aspect of its operations.

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