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Superdock Is the Best Way to Save the Day at the Port of L.A.


Richard Risemberg hopes to make a splash at the ports with a proposal for a vertically stacked Superdock.

End of the Road for the 710?

OP-ED: Razing the freeway would be the best path to easing traffic between Long Beach and San Gabriel Valley.

Richard Risemberg thinks the Long Beach (710) Freeway only serves to drive up traffic, so he offers a solution.

Getting in Gear on Bikes

OP-ED: Arguments against sharing the road with cyclists should no longer be driving the discussion.

Richard Risemberg gears up to defend more bike lanes in Los Angeles.

Pumping Up the Plea to Make L.A. More Bike-Friendly

Richard Risemberg touts the health and societal benefits of riding bikes.

Los Angeles Needs to Get in Gear on ‘Bicycle Boulevard’

Richard Risemberg is peddling an interesting notion: Turn Fourth Street into a dedicated bicycle boulevard.

Driving Up Costs

Taxes must be reassesed to make sure motorists pay more for using and damaging L.A.’s streets.

Motorists are leaving Los Angeles in the hole on street repairs, according to Richard Risemberg.

How Would the Ports Stack Up?

OP-ED: Vertically consolidated container terminals would go a long way in easing facilities’ expansion issues.

David J. Alba and Richard Risemberg have high hopes for vertical container terminals.