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Electrification's Sticker Shock

Kirk Marckwald says switching American train lines to electricity would burn too much money and time.

Trash Talking Good for L.A.

The city Sanitation Department's public meetings have yielded a promising plan to reduce waste, notes Richard Risemberg.

Extending the Red Line Will Be Good for Los Angeles

Plans for a "Subway to the Sea" the extension of the Red Line to Santa Monica will help ease congestion, according to Richard Risemberg.

Pumping Up the Plea to Make L.A. More Bike-Friendly

Richard Risemberg touts the health and societal benefits of riding bikes.

Ride the Big Three Automakers Out of Town on a Rail

Instead of bailing out the Big Three automakers, money should be spent on mass transit, according to Richard Risemberg.

Backers of Housing Bubble Were Living in Dreamland

The burst housing bubble has brought reality back to dreamland, writes Richard Risemberg.

Economy Benefits From High Wages, Strong Unions

High wages and strong unions are good for business and the economy, contends Richard Risemberg.

Railing Against Air Pollution

Richard Risemberg is hoping to fast track a plan to switch the U.S. rail system to electric-diesel trains.

High Speed Rail Could Be Good for State Transportation

Some of the points Adam B. Summers made in his op-ed of Nov. 26 ("It's Time to Stop California's Plans for High-Speed Rail") deserve rebuttal.