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Flash Mobs Go Corporate

The original flash mobs often had little obvious purpose and were decidedly noncommercial gatherings by amateurs. But now these unexpected performances in public places have gone legit, with companies paying thousands of dollars to firms like L.A.'s Dance Mob Nation and Flash Mob America for "impromptu" mobs to spice up conferences and sales meetings, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Job Seekers Benefit by Working the Web During Search

Question: I'm searching for a new job and hopefully a new career. I'd like to work with a dot-com and have been scouring the newspapers for ads. What other places can I go to job search?

Strategies-Aspiring Musicians Turn to Web Site to Find Audience

A funky tenement on Orchard Street on Manhattan's Lower East Side is home to The (www.theorchard. com), a new Web company devoted to helping independent musicians distribute and promote their CDs worldwide.

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