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Maker of Bounce Equipment Leaps to Height of His Sector

Thanks largely to its licensed characters, Ninja Jump Inc. has leaped toward the top of the inflatable bouncer industry.

Markets Guru Arnott: Inflation Will Triple

Round One of the inflation debate has seemingly been won by the doves. But Robert Arnott believes the hawks will be proved right, and soon. reports that the founder of Research Affiliates, a Pasadena investment firm, believes the inflation rate has an 80 percent chance of topping 5 percent within five years.

Why the U.S. Should Issue More TIPS

Savers are right to worry about the risk of inflation in coming years. But policymakers can reassure long-term savers of their anti-inflation credentials with a change in the U.S. government’s debt management policy: sell only inflation-indexed notes and bonds with a maturity of 5 years or more, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports.

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