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Nightfall Group Expands Into Event Management

Beverly Hills-based Nightfall Group, a concierge and management service company focusing on pricey short-term rentals, has expanded into event management.
The company, which was founded by Mokhtar “MJ” Jabli in 2018, purchased a venue known as The Riad in October. The Riad is located in Hollywood.

With that acquisition, the Nightfall Group has been expanding into event planning and management.
“We decided to open the Riad to add it to our collection of properties,” Jabli said. “We have a lot of requests related to venues and locations. It (meant) something to me to add this authentic space to our portfolio. It’s a one-of-a-kind venue to hold an event.”
Events that can be held at the Moroccan-inspired venue include mitzvahs, yoga retreats, weddings, birthday parties and parties for specific brands.

Events already held include a wrap part for the Netflix Inc. movie “Moxie” and a launch party for U.K.-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing.
Planning by Nightfall Group can include everything from arranging a valet, to florals, to decor or “anything that is needed really,” Jabli said.

The Nightfall Group is also working on partnerships to raise brand awareness.
“Partnerships with other companies increase the exposure of the company and create more connections and relationships in the industry,” Jabli said.
Despite the pandemic, Jabli’s company has grown opening a second office location in Miami.
Its number of properties has also grown to roughly 250 in L.A., including impressive mansions around the county available as vacation rentals.

The company also has yacht, car and jet rentals.
Nightfall Group acts as a management company for high-end properties, sometimes even signing a master lease and occasionally even purchasing a property.
Jabli, who was raised in Morocco, got his start as an Airbnb Inc. host as a way to make extra money.
He studied at UC Irvine before taking on an internship for a development construction company in Anaheim. The pay, he previously told the Business Journal, “was low considering the cost of living in California.” He decided to list his bedroom at the Long Beach apartment where he was living on Airbnb while he stayed in the living room.

He eventually rented the entire apartment for a month and lived in his car to make money.
He said he found short-term rentals to be profitable and eventually launched his own company, targeting high-end properties.
The company currently has a portfolio of more than 1,000 properties worth more than $1 billion, which Jabli said will expand.

Nightfall Group is also looking at adding additional offices in areas such as The Caribbean; Aspen, Colo.; Europe; Dubai; Japan and China.
The company already has properties in these areas but is looking at adding offices.
All of its offices will be company-owned and operated.

“The expansion isn’t new, it’s already happening right now,” Jabli said of the scale-up. “The expansion is going to happen with more properties in general, more cars, more services, more yachts, more jets, all of that.”

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