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Times Up?

Do you believe Austin Beutner can revive the Los Angeles Times?



Hoyt Organization

Yes. He certainly has the background and ability, and his interest in digital growth areas will be key. Whether he can pull it off remains to be seen. I think if you’re going to do a turnaround, you need to understand the finances.


Chief Executive

Central City Association

Austin is an extremely bright, experienced and committed executive. More importantly, he truly cares about this community and wants to make a difference. That’s why he volunteered to serve as a deputy mayor. That was public service, and I am sure he sees this role the same way: a means of contributing to this community in a significant and positive way.


Senior Director of Communications

Jukin Media Inc.

It sounds like he’s focused on the right things. He’s mentioned an emphasis on digital expansion, which is what the company needs. But it’s a bit surprising that someone with more digital media or tech experience wasn’t chosen, considering the challenges that traditional publishers are facing with new-media consumption habits and old revenue models.


Founding Partner

Vectis Strategies

Austin’s business savvy and L.A.-insider status can only help the Los Angeles Times. I’ve seen the difference his relentless drive has made with Vision to Learn. If he’s half as successful with the L.A. Times, it will be significantly ahead of where it is today.


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