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THE LABJ FORUM: Assessing the Risks

THE LABJ FORUM: Assessing the Risks

The nonstop media coverage of the Columbia Space Shuttle tragedy continues to consume many Americans, dredging up memories of the 1986 Challenger explosion that also killed seven astronauts. Two of NASA’s five shuttles have now been destroyed, causing commentators and others to take a closer look at the high risk of manned space travel. So the Business Journal asks:

Do you think NASA should continue with shuttle flights?

Ronit Koren

Director of Marketing

Fox Television Studios

NASA should obviously continue manned space shuttle flights because they represent one of the all too rare and more important means by which we surpass national, political and cultural differences to create mutual scientific advances for man.

Louis Perry

Partner and Vice President of Marketing

Mainland Best Security Inc.

Absolutely, 100 percent. If you look at the number of times we’ve had successful missions compared to the few tragic accidents, I would say it’s worth the risk. We can’t take for granted how important space exploration is and the knowledge we’ve gained because of it. I would go up there in a second if I had the opportunity.

Robin S. Dahn


OCJ Group

I absolutely think they should continue the shuttle flights, but they should find a more cost effective and safer way to travel back and forth.

Fred Gaines

Managing Partner

Gaines & Stacey LLP

Absolutely. It never crossed my mind, despite the tragedy, that NASA shouldn’t keep it going. The United States must continue with the program to show its leadership and cooperation with the international community in space exploration and discovery for the betterment of mankind.

Mike McCoy


ADS Tech Inc.

Debating whether we should have manned space flights is a moot point. If we don’t do it the Russians or the Chinese or the Japanese will do it. We don’t want to wake up one day and be irrelevant when it comes to owning the high ground of space. NASA should develop better launch technologies to secure our heritage in space.

Kathryn Dodson

Chief Executive and President

Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

Yes I absolutely do. I think that a lot of the flights really push the limits of science and that trickles down into our every day lives and businesses. It helps the United States and the world by staying on the cutting edge of trends. It’s great for the country and great business.

Shelley B. Thompson

Executive Vice President and Director of Wealth Management

City National Bank

This subject is very intriguing given the challenging environment in which we find ourselves. But isn’t this type of quest what sets us apart as human beings? The dream of exploration beyond our world inspires us to work together. It forces us to learn more about ourselves and our universe, and there ought to be a way to make that dream a reality.

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