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Paseo Parking Charges Risk Irking Shoppers

Paseo Parking Charges Risk Irking Shoppers

At a time when many retailers are short on customers, Paseo Colorado in Pasadena has come up with a policy that could drive a few away.

The Pasadena shopping center, which opened Sept. 28, is charging as much as $5-$8 to park in the underground lot if a ticket is not validated.

In the past, almost every shopping mall in Pasadena has offered free parking or charged a nominal $1. But the city of Pasadena, which is the parking lot owner and has invested $26 million in the project, has come up with a convoluted pricing structure that leaves shoppers scratching their heads.

Without a validated ticket, it costs $5 to get out of the lot. Validated tickets entitle one hour of free parking, and then another two hours for $1. After that it’s $2 an hour to a maximum of $8.

But if the ticket is validated at Macy’s, the movies or a sit-down restaurant, it’s two free hours, and the third hour for $1, paying another $2 an hour up to $8.

City officials said there is a reason for imposing the parking fees. “The city invested considerable amounts of money into the project and the development to help insure the project is there and successful,” said Janis Rhodes, parking manager in Pasadena’s Department of Public Works/Transportation.

This is one way the city hopes to get a return on its money.

Deborah Belgum

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