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LABJ FORUM: Is It Safe to Get Back in?

Is It Safe to Get Back in?

Last week the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved past the 10000 mark for the first time since summer. But that’s not to say everything is peachy. There have been grim reports on the economy and layoffs are still being announced. It remains a risky time to invest. So the Business Journal asks:

Are you getting back into the market?

Jan Karl

Director of Business Development

HKS Architects

I never left. I actually kept all of my holdings and am currently thinking about selling some stocks and buying others. But I have no intention of backing out of the market. I figure there’s a couple stocks I’ll just go ahead and take the losses on right now, but put the money back in (to other stocks).

I think it’s a pretty good time to get back in. As of now, though, I haven’t changed a thing.

Christopher Mitchell

Associate Principal

Studios Architecture

Presently, we’re kind of laying low. A lot of our clients were dot-com clients. We weren’t stung by it because we have a rule that we don’t buy clients’ stocks. But it was a still a lesson, watching things go up and down like that.

Kenneth M. Certain

First Vice President, Director of Development

RNC Capital Management LLP

I’ve not gotten out. You cannot time the market I’m pretty convinced of that. I just don’t believe that’s a practical approach, so I’ve consistently stayed 100 percent invested. I understand we’re going into a recession environment. What I believe is going to emerge from the recession will be technology and financial stocks, so I’m pretty heavily weighted in those areas. They’ve certainly been volatile lately. But that’s OK, recessions have never lasted forever.

James Reynolds


“Days of Our Lives”

I never really left. There are always ups and downs. After Sept. 11 there was a pretty extraordinary slide, but the high that we fell from was also quite unusual. A lot of stocks have come back to reasonable levels. Actually, I think it’s really a good time to invest. I don’t try to predict, but there are a lot of great deals out there. That’s reason enough. But I also believe in holding on. Obviously the people who invest for quick gains are going to be disappointed in the long run.

Xavier Franco Heredero

Senior Vice President

The Internet PR Group

Oh definitely. I pulled out at the beginning of the year. And I started getting back in April. The last few weeks the market has been incredible, and as for my stocks, I’m up quite a bit. It’s definitely time to get in, but you still have to look long-term. There are plenty of stocks out there that will be gold in two to five years. The fact is a lot of companies out there are so undervalued that there’s nowhere to go but up.

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