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LABJ FORUM: Gauging the Effect of L.A. Crime

LABJ FORUM: Gauging the Effect of L.A. Crime

Violent crime is on the rise in Los Angeles, causing the national media to dub the city a “murder capital” as the killing rate soars past that of New York, a city with twice as many people. Though police suspect many of the crimes are gang-related, hitting South Los Angeles the hardest, the incidents have spanned across several parts of the city. So the Business Journal asks: Is the rising rate of violent crime in Los Angeles affecting you?

Reid Thompson

Senior Designer

Troika Design Group

It’s definitely affecting me. It really hit home when a good friend of mine was struck in the head and had to have brain surgery after his home was invaded and robbed. I’ve been comfortable in L.A. and have been lucky not to have anything happen to me personally. But it’s strange having to live in fear instead of just enjoying the city.

Carl Raggio


Chief Executive

DataTech Management

I think it has an effect on everyone, direct or indirect. It hit home with one of our affiliate company’s employees. As an employer, I know my workers are concerned for their safety and the effects on their community. I wish I knew the answer, but I know this it will take everyone’s efforts, the police and the community, to solve the problem.

Pedro Vasquez


Margarita Jones Restaurant

I’ve been hearing on the news that they’ve been killing a lot of people, but it seems like it’s happening south of here. We’re really not having too many problems around here since we’re so close to USC so I’m not really worried about it.

Fred Gaines

Managing Partner

Gaines & Stacey LLP

It makes you fearful to go into certain parts of the city. It’s the most significant problem in this city right now, and it needs to be dealt with immediately and firmly.

Andy Stamatin

Operations Manager

Shrine Auditorium

I’ve lived in L.A going on 16 years, and I don’t know if the media is giving it more coverage now or what, but according to the statistics it seems to be escalating. I’m not sure why it’s going up. But I’m hoping that the new police chief will bring it under control. It seems to be rising just as he’s getting into his new position, so I think it’s a watch and wait thing.

John W. Murray

President, Executive Director

Southern California Regional Purchasing Councils Inc.

I’m concerned as are most citizens, not only in terms of the human toll, but there are also long-term economic impacts in the areas where it’s happening. It’s hurting businesses and residents in these communities. Employees are scared to go to work, and residents are afraid to go out and support them. Losing three to five or six customers can take a huge toll on some of these businesses.

Jennifer K. Blek

Senior Geographic Information Systems Specialist

Studley Inc.

Yes, the rising crime rate does concern me and my job in real estate. I analyze the crime rates of each potential office site during the relocation process. This is especially important when considering off- vs. on-site parking and for businesses with employees who work dual shifts.

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